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Tell us about your job, your saw, drill or grinder and we can help you with the size and type you need.

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There are many factors that influence blade selection. Some of which you may not know until you start the job. It is important to know that when you need us, we’ll be there!

For best product selection, we look at:

  • The material being cut; concrete, asphalt, stone, masonry, or ceramic
  • Harness and abrasiveness of the aggregate
  • Presence of reinforcing steel
  • Your equipment, horsepower, and RPM
  • Your desired cut speed and cost
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Quality and Service! Terra Diamond tools are manufactured to ensure safety, quality, and timely delivery. Our Core Bits and Blades clearly outperform the competition.

When you need a product designed for a particular job, Terra’s experienced sales team, designers, and craftsmen will make you a great tool at a competitive price.

All Terra Diamond products can be custom-built to meet the specific requirements of each individual job. Because of our flexibility in production, we can offer the right tool with cutting-edge technology and delivery it on time!.

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Terra Diamond manufactures all types and sizes of diamond impregnated saw blades for concrete, stone, asphalt, ceramics, masonry, and refractories. We make coring bits from 1/2″ to 72″ diameter, and from 3″ length to over 10 feet for all types of construction. We make shaping, grinding, and polishing tools. We also manufacture custom tools. Just tell us about your application and we will design and build the right tool for you.

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The diamond crystals, which are relatively small, do the cutting. The cutting action is done by grinding the material away. Because some portion of the diamond must be exposed in order to start cutting, Terra Diamond opens the blade at the factory, removing the top layer of the metal bond that holds the diamonds in the segment. This means the diamond tool will be ready to cut at the job site.

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