Terra’s Refractory Blades are designed for large, maximum production jobs where fast cutting and low cost per cut in difficult to cut refractory material is essential.

General Refractory Material Classification
The following chart classifies some of the more common refractory materials into five categories in order of hardness and ease of cutting. Class No. 1 is the hardest, therefore it is the most difficult to cut. While class No. 5 is the softest material and cuts with relative ease.

ClassCompositionCharacteristicsTerra Matrix
199% Alumina
90% Alumina
Acid Proof Brick
Contains Corundum, hardness is 8.8 Low porosity & permeability
Processed @ 3500¡F
Resistance to chemical and acids
LW2 Pro
Laser welded
Highest diamond concentration for cutting the hardest refractory material
285% Alumina
80% Alumina
Fire Clay Brick (High Fire)
Alumina + the balance in Silica

Fired @ several hundred degrees higher than other Fire Clay bricks
LW2 Premium
Terra's most versatile refractory diamond blade
Highest quality diamonds for cutting a wide range of hard refractory material
370% Alumina
Fire Clay Brick
(Super Duty)
Mullite Brick
60% - 70% Alimina & Silica
35% - 45% Alumina & Silica

70% Mullite Mineral
RC 650 Pro
Highest quality diamonds matched with superior bonds, combine for fast cutting and long life
445-60% Alumina
Basic Brick

Silica Brick

Silica Carbide
Mixture of Alumina & Silica
Made of Magnesia, Lime, Chrome & Forsterite. Bonded chemically or fired @ 300¡F
Abrasive-fired between 3000 & 3100¡F
RC 650 Premium
Professional quality diamond blade designed for fast, smooth cuts and higher production
5Carbon Brick Semi-Silica
Fire Clay
(High Duty)
Fire Clay
(Med. Duty)
Fire Clay
(Low Duty)
Not less than 72% Silica
Replacing Medium & Low duty because of greater durability for heat
RC 650 Premium
Terra's longest lasting blade for soft, abrasive refractory material at lower cost

Warning: Consult the saw manufacturer’s recommended RPM speed for maximum safe surface feet per minute.

Terra Diamond builds all type and sizes of custom blades. Below is a list of some of our standard sizes.


Specifications including diamond types and concentration, segment size and hardness are also involved in determining the specification of a segment. Below are the typical specifications for this blade.

Ideal for mid-range life, fast cutting
Minimum Diamond Depth: .250"
Highest concentration - professional quality
Minimum Diamond Depth: .300"

The Matrix is based on several factors including the bonding materials, degrees of hardness and abrasive resistance to name a few. Terra Diamond uses the matrix chart below to help customize to our customer’s needs.

RC020Very dense, ceramic materials
RC030Dense, very high alumina
LW-2General purpose, medium alumina
RC500Abrasive low alumina
RC500Very abrasive brick, fire clays